It’s Happy Hour with Shades of Phoenix | Review and Swatches of the Cocktail Hour Collection

I’ve been waiting for Shades of Phoenix to reopen so I can share these beauties with you!  The Cocktail Hour collection was released in mid-December, a short while before the store closed for the holidays.  With SOP re-opening this week, I thought it was a good time to share my review, while you can still take advantage of the re-opening sale.


Shades of Phoenix provided this quartet of jelly glitter bombs for swatch and review.

*Press Sample*

Cocktail Hour CollectionCocktails-rays

The Cocktail Hour collection quartet of jelly glitter bombs.  They all have a generous, and varied, glitter mix swimming around in a lightly tinted jelly base.  I’m a jelly glitter lover from way back, so I was happy to see another jelly glitter collection from SOP.

Blue LagoonCocktails-Lagoon-macro

Blue Lagoon has a pale blue jelly base, with a mix of glitters in blue, white and silver including circles, hexes and squares. Cocktails-Lagoon-swatch

I applied two coats of Blue Lagoon with a topcoat.  The glitter and base combo of this polish while not as pigmented as the others in the collection, adequately covered my visible nail line.  Blue Lagoons are one of my favourite cocktails, and it definitely reminded me of it.

Tequila SunriseCocktails-Tequila-macro

Subtle, Tequila Sunrise is not.  This bright orange based polish has a mix of orange, yellow and grape glitters, and red bar glitters.  This polish is bright!  Like Ronda on holiday, this polish is hot like a sunrise!


I applied two coats plus top coat and it was fully opaque.  I think this was my favourite of the collection, a real “poke you in the eye” kind of orange.

Berry DaiquiriCocktails-Daquari-macro

The pink polish in the collection, Berry Daiquiri, has a mix of various pink, purple and holo glitters in a strawberry pink jelly base.  I really like the pops of holo glitter in this one, and the depth the purple glitters give it.Cocktails-Daquari-swatch

Again I only needed to apply two coats to reach opacity, with one coat of topcoat.


Last but not least, there is the grassy green Mojito.  This polish is almost a distant second cousin of one of my favourite SOP’s, Poseidon, but definitely one that drinks like a fish, not with the fishes.  The polish has a mix of various green glitters, white bar glitters, and bright green diamond glitters.Cocktails-Mojito-swatch

I did two coats of polish plus topcoat and although it looks opaque in person, there is a very slight VNL noticeable in my photos.  I think this polish could quite easily be darkened up by using a black or dark green/blue base.

The Cocktail Hour collection is available now from Shades of Phoenix, who are currently having a 40% off sale!  Rumour has it that it will be the only major sale of the year, so it’s a great time to pick up some goodies.  The discount code to use is 4MORE40 – and make sure you check out the discontinued section. Cocktails-cake
Awkwardly yours,


Press Sample  – I was provided these polishes for swatch and honest review


40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Things That Fly | Jolly Roger

This week’s prompt for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas was Things That Fly. Apart from time flying away from me this weekend, my inspiration and “get up and go” seemed to escape me as well.  I didn’t feel like doing birds, butterflies or anything girly in fact, and wanted to use some new to me polishes from some early collections of Shades of Phoenix.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Things That Fly Jolly Roger

Things That Fly – Jolly Roger


I finally decided on flying the Jolly Roger on my nails, with a base of Shades of Phoenix Ceto and Expelliarmus.  I stamped some wavy lines over Ceto with Voldemort’s Curse for the open sea, and then stamped a ship’s wheel and skull and crossbones with the super frosty teal Orbit from Ulta3.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Things That Fly Jolly Roger

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Things That Fly Jolly Roger

Short and sweet today, hopefully soon I will get my act together for 2016!

Awkwardly yours,


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40 Great Nail Art Ideas | New Year | Sayuri Nail Lacquer and Shades of Phoenix

Hello everybody!  Guess who’s late again with their post for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas New Year prompt?


I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff for various things, but sadly blog posts won’t write themselves and I was mourning the end of my vacation.  This left me with no motivation to finish off the last part of the 40GNAI prompt, and the most important bit – actually writing the darn blog post!

New Year

New Year 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

My mani for New Years Eve was two coats of Tamu Massif from Sayuri Nail Lacquer (I just can’t get enough!) with a coat of Shades of Phoenix glitter topper, Hemera, for a touch more sparkle.  I then used acrylic paints to freehand NYE and a heart on my nails.  This year I’m trying to practice painting straight lines more often, so this was a good opportunity, and the black outline really helped the letters pop.



We don’t usually do anything for New Years Eve, except perhaps an occasional family barbecue – which may not even last until 12 midnight.  Manbeast and I are not fans of noisy, crowded places so we don’t go out partying or watching fireworks displays.  (I also hate seeing so much money get set fire to when it could go to worthy charities and local infrastructure, as pretty as they may be).


This year we rung in the new year by watching movies in our little computer cave.  Thankfully the redneck neighbours resisted the urge to let off illegal fireworks and shoot their guns, or attack our house with water balloons, like in years past.  A nice quiet one, which was just what I was hoping for.

I’m off to attack my planner and try to work out some kind of schedule to keep on top of things!  Hope you all had a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

Awkwardly yours,


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40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Christmas | Sayuri Nail Lacquer Poinsettia

Oops! Christmas has been and gone.  I am so behind on this prompt for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas that it isn’t funny.  I realised, belatedly, that there a couple of weeks in a row for theme prompts and my nail mojo up and left on a vacation without me, so I have been left clutching my polish bottles with mostly naked and unruly phalanges.



Christmas 40GNAI

Better late than never, I guess, so I will just dive straight into my Christmas nails.   At least I posted them before 2016!


I went for understated for this prompt, as I’ve been swatching some jelly glitters recently (review yet to come), and I felt like a change.


I also recently received Evergreen, one of the Colours of the Month from Sayuri Nail Lacquer.  This beauty is sold out now, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be my Christmas mani polish.  It’s an almost British racing green shot through with purple/red shimmer.  It’s fast gone to my favourites list, as the colour is unique, suits my skin tone and the formula is perfect.  I did two coats of Evergreen to reach opacity, and the shimmer translates well to the nail, not just the bottle.


For my feature nail, I painted a poinsettia freehand, using Tamu Massif from Sayuri, as well as acrylic paints for the outline and yellow flower detail.




I’m about to go out, but I will be back later today to add in some more links to Sayuri Nail Lacquer.  For now, the store link is:

Awkwardly yours,


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Christmas Trio 2015 Review & Swatch | Shades of Phoenix

Today I’m sharing the Christmas Trio collection for 2015 from Shades of Phoenix.  There are three polishes in traditional Christmas colours, with different finishes, so there’s something for any SOP fan.

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of PhoenixI was sent these polishes by Shades of Phoenix for swatching and review.  This post is photo heavy, so if you’re not on a good data plan, you may want to bookmark it for later :)

*Press Sample*

Note:  Shades of Phoenix will be taking last orders for the year on Sunday night, 20 December 2015 before closing for their Christmas break.  Don’t wait too long to snap up these polishes or you will have to wait until middle to late January, as .  As it is Baby Alice’s first Christmas, SOP will be closed for a couple of weeks for some family time.

Christmas Trio 2015

This year’s Christmas trio has a traditional feel, with white, green, and a red/green/silver mix, with each polish has a different finish to keep Santa on his toes.

Mistletoe Magic

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe Magic has stolen my heart this year.  It is a gorgeously squishy, super shiny, bright green jelly (Little Pigs, eat your heart out!) shot through with a holographic shimmer.

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic

I applied three coats of Mistletoe Magic, which gave a good depth of colour and level of holo.  Although you can see visible nail line, it was hardly noticeable on the nail without the high level of lighting and extreme close-up.  Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Mistletoe Magic




Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Frostfire

Joining the Fire collection after it’s debut in the Christmas Trio is Frostfire.  This white crelly, which was opaque in two coats, has the same peppery holo glitter combo found in the Fire range.

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Frostfire

I love the delicate iridescent/holo squares in this polish, and the way the peppered glitter mix can lean the polish towards an off white/greyed appearance.

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Frostfire

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Frostfire

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Frostfire


Ugly Sweater

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Ugly Sweater

Last but not least, we have an Ugly Sweater!  This major glitter bomb has green, red and silver glitters, with oh so much holo flash.  This polish really packs a reflective punch, and has small and large glitters, stars, circles, hexes… it’s got everything!

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Ugly Sweater

Above is Ugly Sweater in holo overdrive, on top of Mistletoe Magic. I used the glitter dabbing method for this mani, being one thin coat of glitter, then one generous coat dabbed on to ensure even coverage of glitters. Below shows one nail with Frostfire as a base, and two normal (not dabbed/floated) coats of Ugly Sweater.

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Ugly Sweater

Christmas Trio 2015 Shades of Phoenix - Ugly Sweater


I also have a video of the Christmas Trio in action, below.  My apologies for the noise snow in the first part of the video, it doesn’t go for long.

Remember that Shades of Phoenix closes for Christmas break on the 20th.

Awkwardly yours,


Press Sample  – I was provided these polishes for swatch and honest review


40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Winter | Loki, Frost Giant

Loki 40-GREAT-NAIL-ART-IDEAS-Winter-bAs we have no winter to speak of, and it’s the middle of summer, I took the Winter prompt a little to the left and did some Loki themed nails!

Winter: Loki, Frost Giant

Loki Winter 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

This week snuck up on me, possibly because I was tardy on the last prompt.  With limited time, I decided to take a look through my nail vinyls collection and discovered I had some Loki helmet decals from Loki’s Nail Vinyls.  I decided to base my nail art around the decal, and poking around on my nail desk I found two perfect shades which were actually untried!

Loki Winter 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

In the Marvel universe, Loki is the adopted son of Odin, adopted brother of Thor.  He just happens to be the son of the fallen king of the frost giants.  It’s also the middle of summer here and I didn’t want to be swanning around town wearing snow flakes on my nails while it was hot enough to melt your face off.  My nod to actual winter is the melted snow dripping from my cuticles, and the snow around helmet.

Loki Winter 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

For my base colour I used Bella Belle Nail Couture‘s contribution to the My Little Pony What’s In-Die Box, a dusky lavender holo with blue and red flashes of glitter.  Simply perfect for a frost giant theme.

I then used the black nail vinyl decal of Loki’s helmet on my middle finger, and finished off with melted snowy drips of another polish from the My Little Pony What’s In-Die Box, Rarity from Petal Polish.


Loki Winter 40 Great Nail Art Ideas

Yes, this was a half-assed attempt at nail art.  I was out for the whole day instead of just the morning, and it wasn’t until quite late in the night that I remember I still had to do a winter themed mani.  I was also watching Crimson Peak, which has Tom Hiddleston in it, who also played Loki in the movies…. I may have been slightly distracted!

Awkwardly yours,


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Colour of the Year 2016 | Aussie Indie Shopping Guide

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016 has been announced!  Um, well I guess I should say Colours plural, as Pantone has switched it up and announced its first twin set of colours, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Colour of the Year


No doubt we will start to see these colours everywhere in home decor, fashion and beauty, but I thought I would do a little digging and come up with a short list of Aussie Indie nail polish brands who already have one, or both, of the Colour of the Year shades in their readily available range.   I will link to all the colours I find, but to keep the download in the post small, I’ll only share images of my top picks.  Some of them aren’t perfect matches to the colours, but I think they’re close enough that I couldn’t leave them out of the list.

Rose Quartz

Described as a “warmer embracing rose tone”, Rose Quartz is the first Colour of the Year I’m taking a look at.

Gloss n Sparkle – Damsel in a Dress

Gloss n Sparkle Damsel in a Dress
Gloss n Sparkle – Damsel in a Dress. Swatcher unknown

Shades of Phoenix – She’s Here, You Make Me Blush, Cotton Candy, Dobby’s Ears

Grace-full Nail Polish – Daddy’s Princess

MckFresh Nail Attire – Don’t Be Shellfish, Coral, Bubblegum Pop Electric Eel and Flick-Kick

Colour of the Year 2016 MckFresh Nail Attire Flick-Kick
MckFresh Nail Attire – Flick-Kik.  Swatch by It’s All About the Polish

Sayuri Nail Lacquer – Frosted Fairycakes,

Bella Belle Nail Couture – Pink Champagne

Glam Polish – Sealiest Thing I’ve Ever Heard, Wintuk, Enchanted,

Glam Polish Sealiest Thing Melyne Nail Art
Glam Polish – Sealiest Thing I’ve Ever Heard. Swatched by Melyne Nail Art


Arcane Laquer – Straight Jacket Fashion

SM Polish – Pink Lady,

Peita’s Polish – Musk Sticks, Baby Ellie

Nail Stamping Queen – Flamingo (stamping polish)


Serenity is described as a “cooler, tranquil blue”, but personally I feel it falls more to the summery cornflower blue.   I definitely found more blues to put in my list, but that is because blue is more forgiving.  Pink can quite quickly go to coral, hot pink, or too pale.

Gloss n Sparkle – Duma Key

Lilypad Lacquer’s – I Got Blue Babe

MckFresh Nail Attire – Oxford Powder

Shades of Phoenix – Dumbledore’s Pensive, Freshfire,

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Dumbledore's Pensive
Shades of Phoenix – Dumbledore’s Pensive. Swatched by Gauche Gal

Glam Polish – Mermaid For Me, Oh Whale!, Winchill, Spellbound

Grace-full Nail Polish – Ohana, Jacinta

Peita’s Polish – Sherbet Lollipop

Sayuri Nail Lacquer – Oh Horsefeathers!, Night Owl

Colour of the Year Sayuri Night Owl
Sayuri Nail Lacquer – Night Owl. Swatch by Serenity Nails


Bella Belle Nail Couture – Skies Are Blue

Smudged Polish – Argon

SM Polish – Thumbelina

Celestial Cosmetics – Eye on the Prize

Pretty Serious Cosmetics – A Christmas Time Paradox, Warp 11

Miss Ashleigh – Baby’s Got the Blues

Emily de Molly – Hole in the Sky, Powder Blue (Stamping Polish)

Emily de Molly Hole in the Sky Nail Lacquer Love
Emily de Molly – Hole in the Sky. Swatched by Nail Lacquer Love

Nail Stamping Queen – Blue Me A Kiss (stamping polish)

I have tried my best to ferret out the polish currently available but if you know of one that you think will fit too, pop the brand and name in the comments!

Awkwardly yours,


40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Cartoons & Comics | Dr Rockso the Rock n Roll Clown from Metalocalypse

I’ll have to keep it short and sweet this week, because I’m ka ka ka cleaning!!  (Actually it’s a little bit longer than expected as I was so busy cleaning and life got in the road, so this post is going up a whole week late!)

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

Cartoons & Comic

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

Last week’s theme prompt for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas was Cartoons and Comics.  I haven’t been watching any cartoons recently but I used to watch Metalocalypse when it was on.   The reason why it popped into my head for this theme was that I had signed the petition for the finale season.  There’s more info at the Metalocalypse Now website.

Dr Rockso the Rock n Roll Clown

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

As for what character from the series to paint, it was a no brainer. Dr Rockso the Rock n Roll Clown!  The fact that I still had white flocking powder at my desk may have influenced my choice as well…

For those of you who have no idea who Dr Rockso is, he’s a washed up drug addled, glam hair metal singing, cocaine snorting, free-balling, lycra jumpsuit wearing, rock and roll clown.  Most of his storyline on Metalocalypse revolved around his rather nasty nose powder habit, and his friendship with only one band member – the others are on the fence between not caring and hating Rockso (depending on the circumstances).

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

I painted Dr Rockso with acrylic paints over a white nail polish base, and used white flocking powder for the “snowy roads” on my thumb.  Then I had to get stuck into cleaning, and boy oh boy does that flocking powder get dirty quickly!  I definitely wouldn’t be able to wear it on a normal long-term mani.  Also with my hayfever, I can tell you that flocking powder encrusted lines of topcoat is not a nose friendly nail feature.  I scratched my face so much in the first few hours that I had to take it off that nail.

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

Let’s talk acrylic paints!  I have been picking up a couple of tubes of acrylic paint from Officeworks and they are not too bad, but I would love some recommendations for better quality acrylic paint that is lovely and opaque. If you have any favourite acrylic paint brands, please let me know what they are in the comments <3

Dr Rockso 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Crumpet Nail Tarts Cartoons and Comics

Awkwardly yours,



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TelomErase Beauty Roadtest | RevivSerum’s Triple Telomere Targeting Serum

“You can’t buy happiness. But here you can buy youthful skin. And that’s pretty close”.  Sounds good, right?  But is it true?  Keep on reading to find out, as today I am sharing my experience using Telomerase from RevivSerums.  I was sent two sample vials of the Telomerase Serum from RevivSerums for the purposes of this review.  However, as usual, all my opinions are my own.

Telomerase Serum by RevivSerums

RevivSerums TelomErase

This serum is marketed as being net-gen age-defying technology, a six in one “multi-corrective” that erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturises and regenerates; containing “the most powerful combination of new ingredients available” to visibly reduce the appearance of sags and bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size and laxity.

RevivSerums Telomerase

I have to say that these claims were getting my beauty sceptic senses tingling – and not in the mild way the product information suggested I might experience.  I clearly don’t have a science background, so I’m not going to focus my review on what all of that means, and instead I’m going to tell you how well the product worked for me.

RevivSerums Telomerase

I received two deluxe travel-sized airless pump bottles of TelomErase serum, containing 5ml, and one of the bottles lasted seven days, or 14 applications.

RevivSerums Telomerase

The serum is a warm yellow colour, and reminds me some beeswax-based lip balms I’ve used in the past.  It doesn’t have a strong fragrance, and I would probably describe it as having more of a faint, inoffensive smell that dissipates quickly.  Basically, it doesn’t smell nasty, or nice, or like anything at all really, but there is something there – it’s just not flowers, or citrus, or spicy, it must be the scent of telom erasers!

Did RevivSerums Telomerase Work for me?

I found the serum dried really quickly, and it wasn’t greasy or tacky. I was really impressed with the feel of the serum, and that I could apply it to my whole face and neck in one motion, instead of fumbling with oily hands to open and close multiple products.

I live in a hot and humid area of Australia, and even though it feels like the humidity was at 110% lately, for the week I have been using the serum, my face hasn’t gotten greasy or sticky, and has remained soft and moisturised throughout the day.  I saw an improvement in my overall skin condition, and most importantly, it didn’t irritate my eye area which most moisturisers do.

I have to hand it to Telomerase for it’s effectiveness – even the local Manbeast could see an improvement in my skin, and you all know how hard it is to get someone that lives with you to notice subtle changes like that.

So, the big question I guess is, did the RevivSerums Telomerase live up to it’s claims?  I’m going to run through them below, with my results.

erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturises and regenerates … to visibly reduce the appearance of sags and bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size and laxity

Well it didn’t erase my whole face (which could be a bad thing if you’re seeing me before my morning coffee), but my skin did feel tighter, and well moisturised.  I’m not sure if it brightened my skin as I have been suffering from some redness across my cheeks, nose and eyebrows, but Telomerase seems to have toned that redness down, so another positive for the product.  My eyelids are less puffy/swollen, and the fine lines and crepiness under my eyes have improved far more than I had hoped for.  You can see in the photo below the improvement in puffiness and lines underneath my eyes.    It also did wonders for the pores on my nose and cheeks, and my face was less irritated around my brow bone.  My skin felt smoother, well-moisturised, and hasn’t been producing the excess oils it normally does at this time of the year.

RevivSerums Telomerase

The lighting in the above photo is slightly different, but my dark circles aren’t as rampant, and the pinky flush across my eyebrows has dissipated.

So yes, RevivSerums Telomerase Serum did live up to its claims.  This Gauche Gal is impressed, and seriously considering repurchasing.

Reader Discount

RevivSerums has given me code to share with my readers for an additional 10% off their half-price introductory sale price of US$149.  If you’d like to take advantage of the code, put the code TIGHT10 at the checkout.  (Limited to one per customer/household until 31 December 2015)(Not available in Japan).

Don’t want to pay? There is a Giveaway!

US and Canada (except Quebec)(sorry Quebec)

For those of you in the United States or Canada, there is a giveway being run where three winners will each receive a full-sized package of TelomErase serum.  If you’d like to check out the giveaway, be quick as it’s only open for another 9 days.  Click here to go to the giveaway.

Awkwardly yours,


*This was a BrandBacker sponsored post.  I received two trial sized vials of the abovementioned serum from RevivSerums for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.  Please check my disclosure policy for more information.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas | My Job | Legal Secretary

This week’s prompt for the Crumpet’s Nail Tart’s 40 Great Nail Art Ideas was My Job.  I am a legal secretary and work in family law and personal injuries – quite the combo!  I’m also a huge stationery addict, so I tied that in with my mani as well.  This post is a little wordier than usual for me, and I won’t be offended if you skip the parts in the middle and go straight to the photos.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

My Job : Legal Secretary

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

I have been a legal secretary at the same law firm for 18 years, and have worked in most areas of law, apart from taxation.  The areas I have worked in the longest are personal injuries and family law.  I found these two areas of law to be the most emotionally involving, and rightly so.  While other areas of law can have an effect on the way a person lives and runs their finances, personal injuries and family law deals with their actual lives.

We know their families inside and out; how often they see their children; how badly their spouse abused them; cheated on them. Whether their neck injuries have stopped them from ever going fishing again, or if they can no longer do simple household tasks like sweeping the floor or doing the laundry.  We know about their mental health, and if they need to take medication to maintain it.  We know everything about their lives, and so does the other side. It’s hard someone struggle, whether it is to cope with their situation mentally and physically, or even just to make ends meet.  It’s heartbreaking.

At the end of the day, however, we are helping people.  There is no greater reward for doing what we do than seeing a parent reunited with their child, helping someone achieve a complete financial split from their ex-spouse so they can move on with their lives, or helping an injured person receive fair compensation for the damage caused to their health and livelihoods.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

For my manicure, I decided to try using Sharpies, as I find them to be a necessary stationary item for my work, and also I am a bit of a pen addict.  I was also feeling quite lazy as we have been super busy at work lately and I haven’t had the energy to do much with my nails.

My base polish is Parfait Peche, a yet to be released polish from Shades of Phoenix.  I then used Sharpies to draw a stick figure custody battle on three nails, and on my pinkie I have dollar signs for a compensation payout and a clock for my 5pm knock off time.  Unfortunately, my Sharpie nail art streaked when I put on topcoat.  If it bothers you, just squint 😉

Check out the other My Job manis from the other Nail Tarts below, or on Pinterest.

Awkwardly yours,


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