Life Gets In The Road :: Blog / Destash Nailpolish Sale


As we approach the home stretch of the month of May, I realise that for the most part, life has stolen me away from my hobbies.  I’ve had a fairly constant stream of errands, appointments and also managed to get infected with a severe case of Running-around-like-a-headless-chook-itis this past week, including losing a night to the laundromat.  Our community bore… Read more »

May the Fourth Be With You, Wedge Antilles :: Star Wars Nail Art


May the Fourth be with you!!  Just a quickie post with some photo spam, as I was running out of time to get this done today. To celebrate this year’s Star Wars day, I paid homage to Wedge Antilles.  Wedge was what some would say the best pilot in the universe, and I thought he could do with a little… Read more »

Born Pretty Store Review :: Stamping Plate BP-55 and My First Reverse Stamping Attempt


I reviewed some stamping products from Born Pretty Store at the start of last month, and it’s time for a closer look at the Born Pretty Stamping Plate BP-55. There are three quarter plate patterns, and one quarter containing a mix of unusual images on the Born Pretty Plate BP-55, being a curved tribal print, a detailed floral which reminds… Read more »

AIPAS Challenge :: Prehistoric :: Fossil Nail Art with Two Birds Lacquer Mother of Pearl


This fortnight’s theme for the Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society is Prehistoric, and as I’ve always loved fossils since I was a kid, I decided to recreate my favourite ones on my nails. I used Mother of Pearl from the recent First Anniversary collection from Two Birds Lacquer for my base colour, and mixed in a little bit of Cotton to… Read more »

Born Pretty Store Review – Stamping Plate BP-21 and Geometric Nail Art Mani


I recently reviewed some Born Pretty Store stamping products, and today we are taking a closer look at one of the stamping plates, BP-21. There are four patterns on the Born Pretty BP-21 plate, a baroque vine type pattern, concentric circles, undulating waves, and geometric lines.  I have stamped them all using black polish onto white card so it is… Read more »

Review of Emma by ViVi Nails :: False Nails from Fancy Nails


Thanks to a super busy weekend and work week, this post was a little delayed, but there’s no time like the present!  Emma is the third set of nails sent to me for review by Fancy Nails. Emma features a pink that rivals the “Strike Me Pink” bicycle I had growing up, teamed with negative space, white polka dots and lace,… Read more »

Review of Harajuku Cupid by Yunail :: False Nails from Fancy Nails


Today I’m sharing with you the second set of nails from Fancy Nails.  These nails are by a brand called Yunail, and the design is called Harajuku Cupid.  There are a few different themes of the “Harajuku” style, so there may be a design to suit you no matter your tastes.  There is even a monster themed one!  The Cupid nails are… Read more »

Review of Gift Box by Liqi :: False Nails from Fancy Nails


I have a fun set of false nails to share with you today, complete with a little bunny mani prop since I’m desperately trying to hold on to the relaxation I experienced over the Easter break. I have a couple of quick and easy products from Fancy Nails to share with you this week, starting with this super girly set… Read more »

My First Successful Nail Art Stamping :: Review of Born Pretty Store Stamping Products


When done competently, stamping can give you awesome results – details so fine that even the most practiced nail artist would need to take their time doing, geometric precision, and a huge time saving.  When done badly, you are left with frustration, a destroyed base mani, a whole lot of clean up on your desk from all your failed attempts…. Read more »

Dotty Easter Eggs :: Chi Chi Cosmetics Rubber Nails Nail Art


I knew I wouldn’t get many “Easter” nail art looks done this year, as I’ve been under the weather, but in the brief period between “getting better from the head cold” and “total incapacitation due to tonsillitis” I managed to do an easy neon dotticure of “lumpy dotty Easter eggs”.   I picked up this set of Chi Chi Rubber… Read more »