TelomErase Beauty Roadtest | RevivSerum’s Triple Telomere Targeting Serum

“You can’t buy happiness. But here you can buy youthful skin. And that’s pretty close”.  Sounds good, right?  But is it true?  Keep on reading to find out, as today I am sharing my experience using Telomerase from RevivSerums.  I was sent two sample vials of the Telomerase Serum from RevivSerums for the purposes of this review.  However, as usual, all my opinions are my own.

Telomerase Serum by RevivSerums

RevivSerums TelomErase

This serum is marketed as being net-gen age-defying technology, a six in one “multi-corrective” that erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturises and regenerates; containing “the most powerful combination of new ingredients available” to visibly reduce the appearance of sags and bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size and laxity.

RevivSerums Telomerase

I have to say that these claims were getting my beauty sceptic senses tingling – and not in the mild way the product information suggested I might experience.  I clearly don’t have a science background, so I’m not going to focus my review on what all of that means, and instead I’m going to tell you how well the product worked for me.

RevivSerums Telomerase

I received two deluxe travel-sized airless pump bottles of TelomErase serum, containing 5ml, and one of the bottles lasted seven days, or 14 applications.

RevivSerums Telomerase

The serum is a warm yellow colour, and reminds me some beeswax-based lip balms I’ve used in the past.  It doesn’t have a strong fragrance, and I would probably describe it as having more of a faint, inoffensive smell that dissipates quickly.  Basically, it doesn’t smell nasty, or nice, or like anything at all really, but there is something there – it’s just not flowers, or citrus, or spicy, it must be the scent of telom erasers!

Did RevivSerums Telomerase Work for me?

I found the serum dried really quickly, and it wasn’t greasy or tacky. I was really impressed with the feel of the serum, and that I could apply it to my whole face and neck in one motion, instead of fumbling with oily hands to open and close multiple products.

I live in a hot and humid area of Australia, and even though it feels like the humidity was at 110% lately, for the week I have been using the serum, my face hasn’t gotten greasy or sticky, and has remained soft and moisturised throughout the day.  I saw an improvement in my overall skin condition, and most importantly, it didn’t irritate my eye area which most moisturisers do.

I have to hand it to Telomerase for it’s effectiveness – even the local Manbeast could see an improvement in my skin, and you all know how hard it is to get someone that lives with you to notice subtle changes like that.

So, the big question I guess is, did the RevivSerums Telomerase live up to it’s claims?  I’m going to run through them below, with my results.

erases, tightens, brightens, blurs, moisturises and regenerates … to visibly reduce the appearance of sags and bags, dark circles, fine lines, sunspots, redness, pore size and laxity

Well it didn’t erase my whole face (which could be a bad thing if you’re seeing me before my morning coffee), but my skin did feel tighter, and well moisturised.  I’m not sure if it brightened my skin as I have been suffering from some redness across my cheeks, nose and eyebrows, but Telomerase seems to have toned that redness down, so another positive for the product.  My eyelids are less puffy/swollen, and the fine lines and crepiness under my eyes have improved far more than I had hoped for.  You can see in the photo below the improvement in puffiness and lines underneath my eyes.    It also did wonders for the pores on my nose and cheeks, and my face was less irritated around my brow bone.  My skin felt smoother, well-moisturised, and hasn’t been producing the excess oils it normally does at this time of the year.

RevivSerums Telomerase

The lighting in the above photo is slightly different, but my dark circles aren’t as rampant, and the pinky flush across my eyebrows has dissipated.

So yes, RevivSerums Telomerase Serum did live up to its claims.  This Gauche Gal is impressed, and seriously considering repurchasing.

Reader Discount

RevivSerums has given me code to share with my readers for an additional 10% off their half-price introductory sale price of US$149.  If you’d like to take advantage of the code, put the code TIGHT10 at the checkout.  (Limited to one per customer/household until 31 December 2015)(Not available in Japan).

Don’t want to pay? There is a Giveaway!

US and Canada (except Quebec)(sorry Quebec)

For those of you in the United States or Canada, there is a giveway being run where three winners will each receive a full-sized package of TelomErase serum.  If you’d like to check out the giveaway, be quick as it’s only open for another 9 days.  Click here to go to the giveaway.

Awkwardly yours,


*This was a BrandBacker sponsored post.  I received two trial sized vials of the abovementioned serum from RevivSerums for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.  Please check my disclosure policy for more information.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas | My Job | Legal Secretary

This week’s prompt for the Crumpet’s Nail Tart’s 40 Great Nail Art Ideas was My Job.  I am a legal secretary and work in family law and personal injuries – quite the combo!  I’m also a huge stationery addict, so I tied that in with my mani as well.  This post is a little wordier than usual for me, and I won’t be offended if you skip the parts in the middle and go straight to the photos.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

My Job : Legal Secretary

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

I have been a legal secretary at the same law firm for 18 years, and have worked in most areas of law, apart from taxation.  The areas I have worked in the longest are personal injuries and family law.  I found these two areas of law to be the most emotionally involving, and rightly so.  While other areas of law can have an effect on the way a person lives and runs their finances, personal injuries and family law deals with their actual lives.

We know their families inside and out; how often they see their children; how badly their spouse abused them; cheated on them. Whether their neck injuries have stopped them from ever going fishing again, or if they can no longer do simple household tasks like sweeping the floor or doing the laundry.  We know about their mental health, and if they need to take medication to maintain it.  We know everything about their lives, and so does the other side. It’s hard someone struggle, whether it is to cope with their situation mentally and physically, or even just to make ends meet.  It’s heartbreaking.

At the end of the day, however, we are helping people.  There is no greater reward for doing what we do than seeing a parent reunited with their child, helping someone achieve a complete financial split from their ex-spouse so they can move on with their lives, or helping an injured person receive fair compensation for the damage caused to their health and livelihoods.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - My Job - Legal Secretary

For my manicure, I decided to try using Sharpies, as I find them to be a necessary stationary item for my work, and also I am a bit of a pen addict.  I was also feeling quite lazy as we have been super busy at work lately and I haven’t had the energy to do much with my nails.

My base polish is Parfait Peche, a yet to be released polish from Shades of Phoenix.  I then used Sharpies to draw a stick figure custody battle on three nails, and on my pinkie I have dollar signs for a compensation payout and a clock for my 5pm knock off time.  Unfortunately, my Sharpie nail art streaked when I put on topcoat.  If it bothers you, just squint 😉

Check out the other My Job manis from the other Nail Tarts below, or on Pinterest.

Awkwardly yours,


40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Halloween | I Got My Eyes On You

Why hello there gals and ghouls!  I’m back with my third manicure for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge for Crumpet’s Nail Tarts.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

Halloween: I Got My Eyes On You

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

This week’s theme was Halloween and by fluke, I ended up doing another Halloween themed mani with eyeballs!  At least there were no googley eyes on this one, although I did do some crafting yesterday with googley eyes.  I can’t seem to get away from them this year!

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween 40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

I started with a base of a new french white crelly from Shades of Phoenix then sponged over some fluorescent acrylic paints in orange, slime green and purple.  I then used Shades of Phoenix Marmoreal and Crims for the white and red of the eyes, and a black polish from Cutex.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

At this point, I have only done the one hand, but seeing as I managed to do one hand worth of mani, plus do my yearly taxes today, I don’t feel that I was too lazy today!  I have a party to go to tomorrow so I will be painting my other hand because I really don’t feel like taking it all off again.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

I built up the white “eyeball” part which I think helps with creepiness of the mani, and I love the glittery shimmer of Marmoreal and Crims on the eye.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

The theme for next fortnight is “your job”, so that’s going to be a bit of a head scratcher for me – too many “hard choices” and no easy option!

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HPB Presents | Halloween Holo Glitter Monster

HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

We’ve all seen it happen.  A perfectly normal, sane, nail polish enthusiast starts getting attracted to holographic things.  At first it might be a few bottles of linear holographic polish, a pot of holo glitter, or a nail foil.  Then it’s a holographic faux snake skin wallet.  With the matching handbag. And that make-up item that wasn’t needed but had glittery holographic packaging….

I’m a holographic glitter monster. I choose to embrace it, and proudly display my holographic accessories which do not match my outfits at all.  I don’t care!  It’s fun, pretty, and I enjoy using it.  If I get to blind small children and random cashiers while using it, all the better.

Holo Glitter Monster Mani

HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

My holographic glitter monster nails were done for the Hobby Polish Bloggers Halloween themed October blog link up.  It’s very basic nail art, and you don’t need to have nail art specific items for it.  Googly eyes and glitter is available at all craft stores, and I used a wet wooden cuticle stick to place the eyes.

I started with a base of Cutex Quick n Go black creme polish in the shade 700 Night Run.  I don’t know how long I’ve had this polish, but it’s been a few years, and it’s a good basic black creme which is opaque in two thin coats.  The brush is flat a big, and most of my nails are painted in two strokes.

For my ring finger I used one coat of a normal topcoat (not quick dry) and covered my ring finger in googly eyes .  I then popped one googly eye on each of my other nails by putting a dot of topcoat, then placing the googly eye.  I blobbed a small amount of top coat in between the eyes of my ring finger, then did some glitter placement in the gaps.  Once the single eyes were secure, I put topcoat on my other nails and poured black holographic glitter over them.  I shook/brushed off the excess and pressed and prodded it down carefully, taking my time to line up the edges so nothing was overhanging, and smoothed it all out with even more topcoat. HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

I even took some photos in full sun!  They were so blingy that it was hard to get the camera to focus.

HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani

And of course, a little flash photography never hurt anyone, including the resident holo glitter monster.
HPB Halloween Holo Glitter Monster Mani
That’s it from me today, but I am hoping to get a few more manis done this week while I have some time off work to relax.  Let’s just hope the holo glitter monster has been bright enough to scare away the procrastination monster!

Awkwardly yours,



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Hobby Polish Bloggers present Halloween

40 GREAT NAIL ART IDEAS | Geeks | Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy Nail Art

I’m back again with the next theme for Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Presents, and this fortnight the theme was Geeks.  I decided to pay homage to to an unapologetic, uber comic book geek.

Geeks:  Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy

The Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons loves his comics, and other things, and is totally unapologetic about it.  There have been quite a few episodes of The Simpsons that have had me laughing from this character, from hisComicon escapades, scathing reviews, failed comic book/movies and obscure pursuits any geek would be proud to be involved in.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy Nail Art 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy Nail Art

I did briefly toy with painting the classic “Worst Episode Ever”, and putting Itchy and Scratchy on my nails as well, but it was getting late, and I’m rather lazy, so I swapped it out to say “Best Theme Ever”.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy Nail Art

I used acrylic paint over a base colour of Shades of Phoenix Underwater Stalkerfirst laying down the shape of Comic Book Guy with white acrylic, then colouring and outlining.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Geeks Comic Book Guy Nail Art

The theme for next fortnight is Halloween, so it’s sure to be great fun!  I’ll have to start thinking now about what I want to do for it, and whether I go cutesy or gorey this year.



Skullique Nail Polish | Swatches and Review of A Pirate’s Life for Me, the First Collection

New Australian Indie Polish brand, Skullique Nail Polish is launching on 20 October 2015 with their first collection titled A Pirate’s Life for Me.  These polishes were given to me for swatching and review.

Skullique A Pirate's Life for Me Collection

*Press Sample*


Skullique Nail Polish

A Pirate’s Life for Me Collection

Skullique’s first collection consists of five polishes, Ship WreckedBuxom WenchPieces of EightBuccaneer Bay and Swash-Buckler (which for some reason I keep trying to call Swatch-Buckler!).  Skullique is also going to have quite a few scents of cuticle oil available, including Cinnamon Donuts which you will have seen already if you are following my Instagram account.



Ship Wrecked is a gorgeous pearly neutral stone/cocoa toned polish that is lightly holographic. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with me, and I was unable to get direct sunlight photos to show the holo.

I applied two coats of Ship Wrecked with one coat of topcoat.  The formula was quite buttery and was very easy to apply.  With care, this polish would be a one coater.






Buxom Wench is a shimmery holographic coral pink with hex and bar glitters.  This polish is quite unique, and was a little shy about getting its photo taken.  The colour straddles the pink/red/coral fences, and being so close to Halloween, I can see this making a great base for some zombie/brain nail art.  The glitters refused to flash with colour in my photos, but they were sparkly while I was wearing it.

I applied two coats plus topcoat for this mani.  I found it easier to get an even coverage of the bar glitters by doing a thin first coat with minimal glitters, then a more generous second coat making sure there were plenty of glitters on the brush.





A pirate always says “Get your hands off my booty” but with this polish, you’re putting the booty on your hands!  Pieces of eight is a shimmery golden polish with lots of gold and holographic glitters.  It is a cool toned gold as opposed to a bold yellow gold, and I found it really went well with my skin tone.

I applied two coats of Pieces of Eight and it was opaque, and had enough sparkle to knock a peg leg off, but I noticed while taking the usual close up photos that I hadn’t applied one of the coats evenly.  I applied another thin coat of the polish and took more photos which are the ones you see here.  Because of the high level of sparkle, this polish is very forgiving if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing and miss painting a whole patch of a nail on your second coat 😉




Buccaneer Bay is a sheer blue jelly polish with blue glitters and small white diamond glitters.  I decided to show this swatch with my index and middle fingers with three coats, two coats over a black polish on my ring finger, and two coats by itself on my pinkie. I only needed one layer of topcoat for everything to be smooth.

This polish is quite sheer, so if visible nail lines bother you, you will want to put this over a base colour.  I think this polish would also be good for winter or snow themed nails, as it reminds me of white-capped waves, or a snow flurry.

Skullique-Buccaneer-Bay-Swatch-2a Skullique-Buccaneer-Bay-Swatch-3 Skullique-Buccaneer-Bay-Swatch-4



Last but not least, we have Swash Buckler.  WIth a plummy jelly base, this polish has purple shimmer and glitter, and holographic glitter.  This polish seems to change depending on your lighting, and I have seen it as a glittery pinkish purple, as well as a darker plummy purple with a little bit of sparkle.

I applied two coats to reach opacity and topped with a layer of top coat.  This polish dried really smooth and glossy, and the topcoat was really only for habit.




For half of the weekend I was swatching these polishes the sun was hiding behind a complete layer of clouds, so I was unable to get photos of the polish in the full sun.  When I saw the sun shining on the Sunday I madly painted some swatch sticks so I could try to capture the holo and shine of the shades I had already swatched.

Unfortunately the really super sparkly ones didn’t show their full sparkle on the swatch sticks, however you can see the delicate holograph in Ship Wrecked.  I was also feeling a little self-concious because the neighbours were in their yard, and here I was pressed up against the rail of my patio clutching some swatch sticks and a paper plate for background.  I’m sure they’re used to seeing me doing weird things with my hands and camera by now, but I’m not used to me doing it!


My top pick from this collection would be Ship Wrecked as it’s an awesome darker neutral with a little kick.


Something that I’m really looking forward to is getting my hands on some more of Skullique’s cuticle oils.  Kate kindly provided me with a bottle of her Cinnamon Donut scented cuticle oil, and frankly, I nearly ate my fingers the first time I put it on.  The scent isn’t overpowering, so it won’t smell like you’re walking around with donuts stuffed into your pockets, but you’ll be able to enjoy the scent when you apply it, and when your hands get near your snoz.  It’s a light sugary cinnamon smell, and the oil soaked into my fingers quickly with minimal transfer to my work desk and papers for the first few minutes.

Skullique Nail Polish Cinnamon Donut Cuticle Oil

Skullique has some exciting scents on the way, but I won’t spoil the surprise.  I will say that the cuticle oil addicts amongst us are going to find it hard to pick which one to try first.  The only reason why I was able to pick which scent was because I knew I could justify buying some photo props! (Omnomnom)

Skullique Nail Polish

Skullique Nail Polish is launching on 20 October 2015 with their store opening at 9:00am.  I’ll pop back to add a link to the store as soon as I am able.  In the meantime, you can find Skullique on Instagram and Facebook.

Awkwardly yours,


Swatches and Review of the new additions to the Shades of Potter Collection from Shades of Phoenix

Today I am sharing swatches of an upcoming expansion to the Shades of Potter collection by Shades of Phoenix.  These polishes were sent to me for swatching and review.

New Colours of Shades of Potter collection by Shades of Phoenix


Shades of Phoenix are expanding their Shades of Potter collection with four new colours, together with some awesome Potter themed nail vinyls commissioned from Loki Made It, although I don’t have those to hand.  You’ll need to swing by the SOP Facebook fan group for an upcoming sneak peek at those! (There is a link to group at end of post for your convenience)

New Additions to the Shades of Potter Collection

SOP Shades of Potter collection new colours bottle shot

Like the previous Shades of Potter polishes, these new colours feature the pearly, light holo frosty finish.  The “Things of Potter” joining the collection in this release are Umbridge’s CharmDumbledore’s PensiveFelix’s Charm and Voldemort’s Curse.

All of these polishes have a frosty finish, so brush marks are hard to avoid, however they are not as noticeable during normal day-to-day wear.  I recommend doing multiple thin coats, as not only will this lessen your brush marks, but help prevent any dragging/balding previous layers if you overwork it.

Umbridge’s Charm

Shades of Phoenix Macro of Umbridge's Charm

I would describe Umbridge’s Charm as a deep rose pink, or a burnt hot pink.  I applied two coats to reach opacity, and did not wear a top coat.  I wore this colour to work on a particularly heavy typing day, and had no tip wear or chips by the time I got home.

This colour is noticeably darker than Dobby’s Ears, the pink from the first instalment of the Shades of Potter collection, and they would look great teamed together for a gradient or ombre look.

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Umbridge's Charm

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Umbridge's Charm

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Umbridge's Charm


Dumbledore’s Pensive

Shades of Phoenix Macro of Dumbledore's Pensive

Dumbledore’s Pensive is one of my favourites from this release.  It is a lovely bright frosted turquoise blue.  I did three thin coats of Dumbledore’s Pensive and wore no topcoat.  I also wore this shade to work for a day, and not only did it show no signs of wear, I also received some compliments from work colleagues and store clerks.

This shade, as well as Voldemort’s Curse, where super shiny, and gave of a frosted metallic sheen.

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Dumbledore's PensiveSwatch of Shades of Phoenix Dumbledore's Pensive

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Dumbledore's Pensive

Felix’s Charm

Shades of Phoenix Macro of Felix's Charm

Felix’s Charm is a super bright sunny yellow, with the scattered holo giving a more golden scattered holo look than the frosted metallic of Dumbledore.  I applied three coats to reach opacity and did not put on a topcoat.  I found this shade was the easiest to apply as it leaned a little more towards a pearly jelly than a straight frosted pearl polish.  Being yellow, it is sheer so three thin coats, or one coat over your favourite yellow cream would be the way to go.

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Felix's Luck Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Felix's Luck Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Felix's Luck

Voldemort’s Curse

Shades of Phoenix Macro of Voldemort's Curse

Last, but not least, we have the frosted teal tones of Voldemort’s Curse.  Like Dumbledore’s Pensive, this polish has a frosted metallic sheen when applied and is super shiny.  I applied two coats with no topcoat, and it survived through a day at work without the need for any horcrux.

While similar in hue to to Dumbledore’s Pensive, it is clearly a teal polish as opposed to the turquoise of Dumbledore. I wore both polishes to work (one on each hand) and while your hands are moving quickly during normal use it was hard to pick that they were different colours, however when rested side by side, the colour difference could be seen.

Swatch of Shades of Phoenix Voldemort's Curse Shades-of-Phoenix-Voldemort's Curse-swatch-2 Shades-of-Phoenix-Voldemort's Curse-swatch-3

In summary, the second release for the Shades of Potter collection really floats my boat.  I love the colours together, as they are not quite a neon rainbow, but are happy, fun colours.  Yes, they are pearl/frosted so brush marks can be seen in my photos, however no one gets that “up close and personal” to your nails in everyday life.  I could barely notice them and I knew they were there and was looking for them.

If you haven’t worked with frosted polish before and can’t seem to get it right, my application tip for you is to apply multiple thin coats, quickly and confidently, and give yourself time to dry between coats.  Don’t worry about trying to paint neatly on your nail, instead concentrate on getting your coats even and clean up any polished cuticles between each layer.  This will minimise your brush marks, and avoid any bald spots/drags from previous coats.

While I don’t have the Potter themed nail vinyls to show you in my post, there will be sneak peeks available in the Phoenix Flames Facebook group.  It’s where all the SOP sneak peeks go, as well as naming contests, heads up on early releases, an occasional group exclusive, and all sorts of other fun.

The second instalment to the Shades of Potter will be released next week, and will be available for purchase from the Shades of Phoenix  store.  While you’re there, check out the Mystery Mani-Fest currently available for pre-order, as well as the limited edition releases being the Vintage Horror Halloween Duo, and two polishes to celebrate the arrival of baby Alice, being She’s Here and Little Frog.  If you can’t wait any longer and need to see swatches of the Vintage Horror Duo or the ones to celebrate the birth of Alice, swing by the Procrastinating Polishr and check out her posts.

Awkwardly yours,


Press Sample  – I was provided these polishes for swatch and honest review


40 GREAT NAIL ART IDEAS | Hobbies | Adult Colouring

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

Oh lordy, what have I gotten myself into this time?!  I’m joining in on the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 40 Great Nail Art Ideas, and will be participating fortnightly, on the theme prompts (not the colour prompts).  So, once a fortnight you will see my take on a particular theme, and if you want to check out all of the manis, you might want to follow the group Pinterest board as there will be a minimum of 40 manis per prompt, there is sure to be something that will bring you inspiration.

Hobbies:  Adult Colouring

Crumpets Nail Tarts 40 Gret Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

I’ve always been into arts and crafts ever since I was a child, and colouring in has been a big part of it.  I spent a lot of weekends visiting my great aunt and uncle, and they always had a stash of colouring in books for me.  We would share the book, with my Great Uncle Les colouring in one side, and me the other.  Uncle Les was incredibly neat with his colouring, but I took more colour risks.40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In Every few years, I tend to get back into colouring.  It’s great to just tune out the old brain and lose yourself in the colours and calming quiet that comes with colouring in.  It’s been great to see Adult Colouring take off like it has, as it is so much easier to get your hands on high quality, detailed colouring books these days.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

To create my colouring in mani I used three polishes from Shades of Phoenix’s The Places She Will Go collection.40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

I did two coats of Marmoreal, a shimmery white crelly.  I stamped the swirling design using Ulta3 Black Satin from the Naillz Craze NC02 plate, and filled in sections using Crims and Outlands for the red and yellow respectively.  I also created a stubby little pencil using Crims and the tip of a bamboo skewer.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

Some “in progress” shots of making the stubby little pencil!

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

40 Great Nail Art Ideas Hobbies - Colouring In

The next theme is Geeks!  I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on for that one…

Awkwardly yours,





Plan to Pineapple ALL THE THINGS! Pineapple Planner Band from Loki Made It

My friend, Tara of Loki’s Lacquer, knows me well.  Specifically, she knows how crazy I am about pineapples.  And stationery.  And stationery with pineapples on it.  Did I mention pineapples?

Loki Made It pineapple planner band on my Kikki K gold planner

Tara has been hand-crafting some nifty little planner bands in her store Loki Made It, and gifted me one covered in pineapples to use with my small Kikki K gold planner.  Tara also sent me a jumbo stash of Allen’s Pineapple lollies and choc-coated Pineapple Lumps (not pictured because melty chocolate gets everywhere!), and even a white pineapple mani bomb from Forever Polished to try out.  Pineapples for days!

Pineapple Planner Band

The band is made from a stretchy elastic ribbon and the design is quite crisp.  It is thin, but feels sturdy and won’t bulk out your planner.  Tara hand-stitches each band before adding a loop detail.  This loop is mainly to give the band a tidy look, but you could also use it to hold a light pen or pencil.Loki Made It pineapple planner band on my Kikki K gold planner

I had been using the little ruler/divider that came with my planner, flipping through to the current week using that ruler, but with the planner band on it is so much easier.  I just open up my planner and it automatically opens to the current week and is ready and waiting for me to procrastinate about!Loki Made It pineapple planner band on my Kikki K gold planner

Tara has some new goodies coming soon to Loki Made It, pictured below.  How cute is the puppy one?!

Loki Made It New Releases - Oct 2015

Do you have a planner?  Are you bare bones and minimal stickers like me, or fiercely fancy?

Awkwardly yours,


Sometimes, Introverts Just Prefer To Be Alone | Cirque Colors Lonesome George Swatch|

This is a sponsored post

Today I am sharing with you some swatches of Cirque Colors Lonesome George, courtesy of who gifted this polish, and a top/base coat for review.

Cirque Colors – Lonesome George


Lonesome George is an older Cirque shade, being released originally in around November 2012 as part of their Objet d’Art Collection.  This colour is described as being a jewel-toned green with rainbow holographic finish on the Cirque website, and that this colour has been retired.  I was very glad that is still stocking ol’ George because it’s a gorgeous polish, and I hadn’t seen it when it was originally released.



I used two thin coats of Lonesome George over a base of Alcina Brilliant Top & Base coat (which was also gifted to me by for this review).  I didn’t use a topcoat as it was the first time using the Alcina brand, and I didn’t know if their topcoat would dull the holo at all.


Lonesome George has two distinct looks; a mid-emerald green linear holo when lit up, like the natural and incandescent lit photos in this post; and the one I fell in love with, the muted but shimmery sage green, which looks like jade and emerald had a shiny green love child.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture Lonesome George with indirect light, as the photos were too dark.  The photos above and below this paragraph were taken in full sun.


Before I start talking about how this polish reflects my personality, I just want to mention how totally in love I am with the Alcina Brilliant Top & Base coat brush.  It’s a flat, rounded chubby brush which I can coat my pinkie, ring and index finger with in just one swipe.  I haven’t done a wear test using the Alcina top/base as a top coat, but so far so good.  I have been wearing Lonesome George with the Alcina as a base, and no topcoat, and made it to 4 days without a chip (which is longer than normal for my nails), and only chipped after I tried a couple of sheer/effect polishes over the top of it.  I’ll have to try it out again as a top and base combo to see how well it performs as a 2 in 1 in a wear test.Alcina Brilliant Top and Base 2 in 1

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How Does Make-Up Reflect One’s Personality

Luxola are exploring how make-up reflects one’s personality this month.  They asked me to share why I chose Lonesome George by Cirque Colors as the polish that best reflected my personality.  To be honest, ol’ George was my second choice, but unfortunately NCLA’s Vacation on Mars wasn’t available to me.  It was my top pick because I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi nerd and Arnie fan (Total Recall!) and a remote holiday with no crowds would be my kind of vacation!  I knew I wanted to choose a linear holo finish, so I went with Cirque’s Lonesome George because it fit in with the idea of why I was going with a holo, and also the name suited my introvert tendencies.


As I’m not often in brightly lit environments, when I wear linear holos they are subtle, almost nondescript polishes until the conditions are just right, the light hits them, and they burst into a spectacle.  Personality wise, I’m subdued and quiet until I get comfortable with you.  When I am comfortable – in other words, when the conditions are just right – I will let down my guard and turn into a spectacle!  Well not quite, but it takes a while for me to unleash my full personality on new people.  I’ve often had people comment to me after knowing me for a long time that they had no idea I was so [funny/funny looking/weird/incredibly weird/talkative/inclined to swear like a sailor/etc] as they always thought I was the quiet, shy type.


The other reason why I chose Lonesome George, was because he was just hanging out, being green, on his lonesome.  Introverts are notorious for craving their alone time.  Time to recharge, ponder, and just be comfortable.  We can be alone, but not lonely.  In fact, if I haven’t had enough alone time, I find myself stressing a little and I have to make an effort to have a solo lunch in a quiet park somewhere, just to tune out and feel the breeze in my hair.


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